Every contribution to make this project better is welcome: Thank you!

In order to make this a pleasant as possible for everybody involved, here are some tips:

  • Respect the [Code of Conduct](#code-of-conduct)
  • Before opening an Issue to report a bug, please try the latest development version. It can happen that the problem is already solved.
  • Please use Markdown to format your comments properly. If you are not familiar with that: Getting started with writing and formatting on GitHub
  • For Pull Requests: * Here are some general tips
    • Please be a as focused and clear as possible and don’t mix concerns. This includes refactorings mixed with bug-fixes/features, see [Open Source Contribution Etiquette](
    • It would be good to add a automatic test. All tests are written in Spock.

Build and test locally

Just clone the repo and type

./gradlew build

In build/libs you will find the jar file.

Running the tests:

./gradlew test

Installing in the local Maven repository:

./gradlew install